„They’re all worried. I’m going to get them!“

For a long time, people thought they could control nature, exploit it indefinitely and at will: a fatal hubris. Elfriede Jelinek lends her voice to the sun and mercilessly reads us the riot act. Everyone knows what’s coming, and yet we carry on as before? The sun is burning – and with it forests are burning, whole regions are withering. Tired of people, she – or „gender doesn’t matter, because after us there will be no more gender“ – has finally had enough. Nature strikes back with serenity and merciless severity.

We are defencelessly at its mercy.
Director Christina Tscharyiski brings the Nobel Prize winner’s contribution to climate change to the stage with the 3rd year drama. From the perspective of the sun, light is shed on the extinction of nature caused by human activity. Jelinek wants to drive us out of our comfort zone with her powerful words: „even if it’s the last thing I do“. Sonne los jetzt! was created at the suggestion of Doris Uhlich, dance teacher at the Max Reinhardt Seminar.