Image construction, creative direction and celebrity dressing/costume department worldwide for advertising campaigns, editorials and all public appearances like show acts, red carpets, TV shows, music videos. 

The artist Tom Neuwirth emphasizes the contrasts of both musical worlds even further, by no longer presenting Conchita and WURST as a dual role but unadulteratedly living out the two different facets of his stage character: Conchita, the polite media icon who has been creating a worldwide buzz since she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 and is known for her brilliantly captivating live entertainment with her special blend of Glam-Pop and diva songs.

WURST, on the other hand, the uncompromising electro-artist, who seems to care for no one’s opinion and delivers sexy, driving, and thoroughly danceable soundscapes but reveals more about Neuwirth and his life in his lyrics than it was ever possible for the unapproachable character of Conchita.